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Go for the bronze

Bronze is the new gold. With the winter Olympics in full swing, we have one thing on our minds: winning! *And we don’t mean that in the ironic Charlie Sheen way, more so in the Jamie Anderson, Kelly Clark kind of way.  So while the rest of the world is fighting for the gold we’ve decided […]

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10 Vent Covers Inspired by Your Favorite Books

Truly wonderful books have a habit of worming themselves into places you might not expect — our decisions, our aesthetic and cultural sense, and even, with the right kind of care, our physical world. Regardless of which books you cherished, there’s no doubt you’ll remember her in their signature theme and style and how they […]

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Home Décor Inspiration Destination: Morocco

Destination: Morocco by ventandcover featuring Moroccan Vent Cover Drum shade light / Safavieh cream rug / Moroccan home decor / Kevin O Brien throw pillow / Ethan Allen distressed table /Imports From Marrakesh Lavender Moroccan Pouf /Ikat home decor / Moroccan Vent Cover Modern Moroccan style is becoming one of the biggest trends in home décor and is increasingly popular in modern homes […]

Welcome to the Vent & Cover blog

Hello, and welcome to the Vent & Cover blog. Here is where you will find the latest news about Vent & Cover and our selection of decor vents–including any cool product/service updates, installation tips and home décor solutions to help make your house feel more like home. So feel free to bookmark this blog, share […]