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Can you paint rusty baseboard heaters?

Here’s the situation: your baseboard covers are old and rusted and you don’t really want to spend the big $$ to get a whole new unit installed, or perhaps maybe you want to try a new color to match your perfect shade of cerulean blue walls or that woven kilim rug you bought from that […]

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What is the Chimney Effect (Stack Effect)?

Thinking of covering up your ugly baseboard heaters with drapes or hiding them behind a couch or bookshelf? You might want to reconsider. The stack effect (also called chimney effect) involves airflow into and out of a building caused by incoming and outgoing air temperature differences.┬áThis involves a natural convection which operates on a key […]

What Is Galvanized Steel?

One of the questions we get often is what is galvanized steel and will our baseboard heater covers rust. Whether you’re looking for a baseboard heater cover for your bathroom, or live in a temperate or humid climate, ensuring that your baseboard heater covers are rust free (and stay that way) is hugely important. All […]

Child Safety: How to Protect Your Child From Baseboard Heaters

So many homes rely on baseboard heaters to provide necessary heat during the winter, and while these baseboard heaters work great at keeping your home warm and toasty, they can also pose a danger to your child. Your little one is very curious about everything around him/her, and the cozy warmth from the heater makes […]