What Is Galvanized Steel?


One of the questions we get often is what is galvanized steel and will our baseboard heater covers rust. Whether you’re looking for a baseboard heater cover for your bathroom, or live in a temperate or humid climate, ensuring that your baseboard heater covers are rust free (and stay that way) is hugely important.

All of our baseboard covers are made from galvanized steel. In short, galvanized steel is steel that has been coated with zinc in order to prevent rusting and corrosion using a process called hot dip galvanising. The zinc coating forms a barrier against corrosion in that the steel underneath does not come into contact with moisture.


Baseboard heater covers made of cheap materials that do not hold heat energy like ABS plastic, for example, will significantly reduce the heater’s efficiency and will take much longer to heat a volume of interior space. ABS plastic is made from a combination of monomers made from propylene, ammonia, butane, and coal. This is the same kind of plastic used to make LEGO.


So while plastic alternatives may be cheaper, they’re probably not what you want to cover your baseboard heaters with. Not only do our covers look and feel higher quality, they are

So if it’s a cheap fix you’re after, by all means consider plastic. If it’s a great quality product for a great price, check out our covers–you won’t be disappointed. HVAC-approved because they offer the best solution available that lasts–no rusting–improving the value and look of your home.



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